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Product Information

"We use only the finest metals in our jewellery designs"



All of our collections are created using 925 sterling silver, 24k gold vermeil charms, 18k rose gold vermeil charms, gold & rose gold filled beads, Swarovski crystal beads, hematite beads and freshwater pearls.  

Gold & Rose Gold filled beads

We use 14k gold & 14k rose gold filled beads, which is gold bonded onto a base metal. The beads look like & feel like solid gold / rose gold and are affordable which should last a life time, following our handle with care recommendations.

24k Gold Vermeil & 18k Rose Gold Vermeil

Our gold vermeil is 24k plated overlay on sterling silver and our rose gold is 18k plated. While our standard rose gold 18k plating is about 2 millionths of an inch of rose gold, our gold vermeil coating is 50 times that thickness, or 100 millionths of an inch over sterling silver.

Oxidised Silver

Some charms are bright sterling silver and others have been oxidised.

(darkened to give a vintage effect).

Swarovski Crystals

Swarovski crystals are man-made gems manufactured in Austria, precision-cut into beautiful high quality glass crystals.

Cubic Zirconia

Cubic zirconia is zirconium dioxide, which is relatively hard synthetic mineral. Its optically flawless, similar to a diamond with its brilliance and crystal clarity.

Hematite Beads

We use semi-precious hematite beads on some of our jewellery designs.


Freshwater Pearls

All our pearls are natural, which gives them their uniqueness. Due to this they can vary in size, tone and finish. Small imperfections or 'beauty spots' are inherent and add character to every individual pearl.

Our bracelets are made with a stretch string and securely fastened

with minimal visibility.

Lucy Bradshaw bracelets and beaded necklaces have a Lucy Bradshaw logo to give authenticity to your gift, (excludes tube bangle bracelets).

Each piece of our jewellery is made in the UK.  

For further information, please email us at

With Love Lucy Bradshaw










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